There are lots of legal questions to consider in building a new school facility. We have guided schools through a wide range of such issues.

There are lots of questions to consider in building a new school facility. What project-delivery method best fits the charter school’s goals? How should the charter school go about retaining a design professional and contractor? Who should bear the cost of unexpected expenses or delays during construction? What happens if defects arise during construction, or after construction is complete? We have guided schools through the construction process, including negotiating contracts with architects, engineers, contractors, and construction managers, resolving payment disputes, and successfully pursuing design and construction defect claims against responsible parties.

Navigating the New Frontiers of Education

For years, Tyler Turner and Mary Allison Caudell have practiced in the area of education law. Within the education law field, they have developed a particular focus on representing the rights of a unique type of public school that is given autonomy and that creates new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating children — charter schools.

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